Sister space


Sister Space trains women to Love More Sustainably. Together we create, heal and lead from the inside out.

*Fully vaccinated women may join our in-person sessions again! Contact Rachel for more information.


"This program bettered my life in all aspects. I learned to handle my emotional distress in healthy and sustainable ways. I gained a new perspective on who I was in the past, at that moment, and all that I was to become. I established grounding practices and rituals that have kept me on my path. My mentor taught me the importance of pattern recognition as a tool to help navigate the integration of my inner and outer world. The work that began in Sister Space has become my life's work and because of my mentor Rachel Hines, I have been able to reach goals that I thought would've taken my entire life. Join the program, it's worth every breath, tear, smile, heartache, and laugh." - Selma Urbina

"Rachel is a gifted and intuitive group moderator, always including everyone and allowing everyone to participate as they are able to. In a short amount of time the women in my group began sharing from their hearts and listening deeply to one another. I listened intently to their words. When I spoke, I had sense of being deeply listened to by many caring individuals and that in itself is deeply healing. I came away with things to practice and intentions to focus on during the week which not only kept my head above water, but opened my heart to more joy in my life." - Allie Quady

"I've gone through both the Apprentice and the Facilitator Training. I'm now in the Teacher Training Program. Sister Space gave me the tools to trust myself and my decision making. The work strengthened all of my relationships including the one I have with myself. It gives me a place to build community and love more sustainably through practice. I have leaned into the unique gifts I have to share with the world and started to tangibly go do." - Carrie G.

"Sister Space is a safe and empowering way to meet and bond with women who are searching to establish authentic selves and to share their journeys. I learned from the other women that my concerns were shared by many. I lessened my fear of sharing honestly in a group. Listening to the other women’s experiences, questions, and hope was the most nourishing aspect for me." - Joann B.

"Sister Space allowed me to share my feelings in a safe place. Our work together helped me identify my feelings and feel confirmation. Rachel's ability to address issues compassionately will guide you thoughtfully and carefully on your journey."- Marsha Mahon